Why I Am Going To Introduce “13 Reasons Why” To My Future Children

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It tackles real-life issues, in addition to suicide, including what is appropriate for text messages and social media, sexual assault, receiving help when you need it, drunk and drugged driving, etc. This is what our children have to deal with now, and they will have to endure this and reiterations of it in the future.

Plus, you reap what you sew. This show showcases that, although in extreme measures. It uses drama to weave a story of epic proportions that most of us will never have to endure in our own lives. But, it’s about real issues plaguing our real children in schools across the world. I want to show mine that life does really get better.

I want to talk to them about what is in their lives and what is just fiction on the show. Most importantly, I want to be a parent who engages in actual conversations with their children. I know, that will probably be easier said than done, but this show and book could help with that conversation.

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This show was uncomfortable in many ways. Without any spoilers attached to this article, I will say this: it made me confront some of my own long-repressed mental health issues. I guess these memories were lodged in the filing cabinets of my mind, but suddenly, I recalled things from my past. As a teenager, I was lonely. While I didn’t go to Hannah Baker’s measures, I remember not knowing how to handle certain situations and thoughts drowning my mental health in its wake. 


Give this show a chance. Coming from a mental health advocate and survivor, the anxiety and depression shown in this show is real. I’m reading the book now. I’ll highlight things I want my future kids to read. 

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If you or someone you know is exhibiting suicidal thoughts, then get the necessary help. Betterhelp.com can help you work through your thoughts and emotions. Talking with someone could be the remedy you or they need. 

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