False Beliefs About Family Therapy

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Arguments and misunderstandings typically occur within the family, regardless of how picture-perfect your relationship seems to the outside world. There’s a likelihood that you’ll develop different opinions about the same topic, and that will make you lock horns from time to time. But that’s not precisely worrying as long as you remember that nothing should come in between you and your loved ones, right?

Unfortunately, it isn’t the case for most families. You’ll find records of long-standing rifts between family members as they let their pride get in the way of reconciliation. Some siblings don’t talk to each other for years; children never visit their ailing parents until they’re on their deathbeds. 

What’s upsetting is that the problems wouldn’t have deepened had they opted for family therapy stat. However, they probably set that thought aside due to the subsequent false beliefs that overshadow this brilliant treatment.

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A Therapist Can’t Say Anything You Don’t Already Know

It’s usual for families to feel a sense of superiority when speaking about their relatives. Statements such as “I know them more than anyone” and “You can’t teach me how to deal with my family” tend to come up, especially when a concerned individual tries to offer advice on how to resolve familial indifferences.

But the thing is, counselors are adept when it comes to recognizing a person’s real personality. They see through well-fabricated stories and can coax anyone to reveal their deepest secrets. If you must know, these tasks are almost impossible to complete without a therapist’s assistance.

The Treatment Is A Scam

When people hear about their close friend’s family getting counseling for more than the ideal number of sessions, they most instantly assume that the treatment must be ineffective. What they fail to add to the equation, however, there is the possibility that one of the members may be less cooperative than the others. The therapist has to break down their invisible barrier before they can get anywhere, and that task alone can take months.Hence, it’s awful to conclude that family therapy is a scam due to the extended duration of treatment.


You’ll Need Therapy For Eternity

A counselor does not operate like a boxing referee who stops the fighters when they hit each other below the belt and then restarts the match soon after. The former will ideally have a sit-down meeting with the troublemakers and get to the bottom of their problems. They may also ask for the opinion of other family members who got caught in the middle of the household battle so that everyone’s clear about their true feelings.

Simultaneously, the therapist can impart words of wisdom and a few calming techniques that the brood may never forget. In this manner, they won’t ideally need to book another counseling session again.

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Family therapy is such an incredible offering for people who have scores to settle with their loved ones. Signing yourselves up for a session does not mean that you already gave up on the idea of mending familial issues on your own. On the contrary, by bringing a therapist in, you’re just making sure that every step you all take leads to the road of reconciliation.

Never fear of what others will say once they find out that you’re getting therapy. They may judge you to their heart’s content, but they can’t keep your family intact. So stop minding them and look for the professional help you need. 

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