Signs That You Need To Give Up On Your Marriage

Although parents have unique ways of rearing their children until they become full-fledged adults, the life lessons they want the kids to live by are practically the same. “Stop waiting for others’ confirmations.” “Don’t settle with anyone who cannot see your value.” “Show some respect to yourself.”

Most of those lines immediately suit bachelors and bachelorettes, of course. They are single – they don’t have to consider anything else but their happiness.  However, if the grownup child is already married, will those words make their life better, especially when there’s irreversible trouble in paradise?


The reality is that such quotations can somewhat help you assess the situation and your emotions thoroughly. Those can be constant reminders of how you should act or feel, which may be necessary when your judgment gets cloudy. Hence, you’ll be the first person to see whether you should already give up on your marriage. Otherwise, below are the signs that point you to that.



You Lost Respect For Each Other

For love to live, there has to be respect between the couple. How can your marriage survive when you no longer care if you are acting decently in front of your spouse or your behavior causes him or her pain?

There are methods you may try, for sure, to bring respect back into your relationship. Couples counseling and one-on-one therapy are two of those techniques. In case none of them works, however, then you may consider filing for divorce.

The Blaming Game Seems Endless

For instance, it may be your job to take the trash out of the house or re-fill the gas in the car, but you forgot to do it. Rather than admitting your mistake, you come up to your spouse for not reminding you about either chore last night. Assuming the better half overlooks their tasks, they may retaliate and act similarly as well. 

That cycle can go on and get much worse as the years pass. Thus, you cannot count on your marriage to last long if you give extra effort on blaming an unfortunate incident on each other instead of fixing it. 

Your Significant Other Is Too Manipulative

It is another sign that you need to give up on your marriage once you notice that your spouse is becoming overly possessive. At the beginning of the union, you may still be able to go out with your friends or attend gatherings on your side of the family. After some time, he or she may think of ways to burn bridges outside of your relationship. 

Considering that is the situation you are dealing with, you should understand that it is very unhealthy. Marrying this person does not give him or her the right to own you like a land property, and vice versa. You may want to get out of that union before it’s too late.

Some Form Of Abuse Is Going On

Finally, you don’t have to stay in a relationship in which you have already become your partner’s punching bag, literally and metaphorically speaking. The individuals who can hurt their beloved intentionally do not have their bearings straight. For that reason, you need to remain as far away from them as possible.


You are free to love your spouse to the moon and back, but it is vital for you to value yourself more than any man or woman out there. Do not worry about being labeled as a divorcee in case your marriage is genuinely beyond repair. They are not the ones in your shoes, receiving verbal, physical, or emotional abuse from someone who’s supposed to care for you forever, so their words should never matter to you.


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