How To Balance Work And Married Life

Building your career in your early years is very important. For a single person, you don’t need to worry much about other priorities other than your career goals. You start to work hard 24/7 and even sacrifice your leisure time just to reach your goals. Because in work life, you either swim, or you sink. 


Getting ahead of each other in the workplace will always be present, so hard work is much-needed if you want to succeed. However, everything changes when you start to get married. Priorities change, and now you just don’t think about yourself, but also about your partner’s welfare. Most especially, if you are a woman, there is a pressure for you to start having children, and we know that getting pregnant in itself is not an easy thing at all. 


If you become a mother, it means that you are taking care of a family, at the same time building your career. However, is it possible to make the work life and married life balance out?


Building Your Career Can Be Tough

When you develop your career in your early years, it can be fulfilling and rewarding. You tend to be consumed by your goals and nothing else. The competition was fierce, but somehow you can always make it work. 


However, having a spouse can be quite hard, especially if your partner does not understand where you are coming from. In some cases, both of you may have his or her own work, but even if that is the situation, some couples still face arguments about being too consumed by their respective jobs, what more if your partner does not care about having a career at all?


It is true that building a career is important, but so is making time for your partner. Remember that when you married each other, you promised to have each other’s backs, for better or for worse. If your partner does not understand the complexities of your work, try to communicate it most lovingly. 


Yes, it may also require some sacrifices and trade-offs, such as missing an essential mixer in your company, or a company trip overseas. However, learn how to give and take in your relationship, and you can make the work-married life balance possible.


How To Understand Your Partner Better

If you are the partner who feels left out all the time by your spouse, it is okay to feel that way. If your partner just always talks about work and nothing else, it may seem like they do not care about your work, or for that matter, even you.


However, try to communicate what you feel. Tell your partner early that you feel left out, and you feel like they don’t spend time with you anymore. Communication is always the key, but timing is also a factor. If you wait for the time where you’ve had enough, you might burst like a bubble, and this is not good. 


At the same time, if your partner is making an effort just to spend some quality time with you despite their busy schedule, do your best to give back. Surprise them with an out of town trip, or even as small as making them breakfasts. Because even when you are already married, the simplest things tend to go a long way, and most often than not, these are the things that we forget when we become too comfortable with them being there for us.

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