Simple Ways How You Can Support Your Spouse’s Career

When two people come together and plan to spend the rest of their lives happily ever after, the question that is being posed is “How does a good marriage work?” However, as time pass by, and they grow individually, the question becomes the opposite, which is “How can this marriage positively affect his or her work?”


This is an entirely normal question and becomes very important in the long run. Being married to someone is like having a lifelong partner. You need to give your full support, care, understanding, love, and patience, so your spouse can achieve his or her ultimate potential.


One’s career is hugely aspirational and digs deep into a person’s self-actualization goals, the highest in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Here are simple ways to support your spouse’s career and make sure he or she aces at work: 



  1. Be Flexible And Understand Both Your Work Schedules


Being in different industries and fields, you and your spouse may not always have the same office hours. In a problematic scenario, your partner may be on a night shift, while you work the day job. Those are some crazy hours. Extend your patience and make sure you don’t get fired up on your spouse for dozing off when you feel like having a movie marathon, or when your spouse decides to go on a dinner date at a much later hour. 




2. Listen To The Rants And The Stories


It happens. Work will, one way or another, haunt a person even at home. If your partner has something to say about his or her day, listen. If there is an annoying story about how their boss powertrips them or gives them a ton load of work, listen. If there is anything good and uplifting about his or her new project, listen. The key is simply to listen and be there for your spouse. It’s a little thing, but it means a lot.



3. Acknowledge The Milestones


Is your spouse celebrating five years at work? Or perhaps your partner has been promoted to General Manager after two years? These are milestones that you shouldn’t miss, and you should definitely celebrate! These milestones won’t just affect a positive work attitude and performance; it will also help your spouse appreciate you more, as you take note of his or her progress. What do you know? Maybe you’ll get your quality time together after celebrating the promotion! 



4. Contribute Ideas


Just because you’re not working together doesn’t mean you can’t strategize together. Try to be vigilant and see if your partner has troubles focusing and coming up with specific ideas for his or her work. You can share your thoughts and contribute some ideas that can help.




5. Be The Reward 


A tap on the shoulder is as good as saying “GOOD JOB!” But a warm hug, and a consoling kiss after a long, and tiring day, is something else. Supporting your spouse’s career doesn’t mean you give him or her space and make no room for the both of you. Time spent together will still be the greatest reward and a much-awaited break from work. 


Keeping these simple ways in mind can help you, and your spouse avoid unnecessary fights and dimming passion and intimacy. Remember that being in a relationship is also reciprocity. If you support your spouse with his or her career, for sure, you will be supported as well.



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