Money Talks: Premarital Counseling On Taking Care Of Your Finances

“For richer or for poorer.” These five words in wedding vows may sound plain, but it would mean so much as to how couples would spend or save what they have, how they would budget their earnings, how they would withstand when problems on money matters arise.  When it comes to money issues, even the sweetest and most romantic couples could have a strained relationship.


A bride often expects the groom to work hard for the money for them to have a comfortable life, and the groom expects his bride to be a good manager of their finances, plus the fact that she also will work hard so she may put in extra cash into the savings.  But what if each failed in their expected roles?  What if the husband is suddenly laid off from his work?  What if the wife suddenly forgot to pay the bills or turned out to be irresponsible that the credit card bills were left unmonitored and they skyrocketed?  


It is easy for couples who are about to tie the knot to say that money does not really matter that much as long as they have love, but things are different when bills are piling up, and there are kids to feed and send to school.  Early on, couples thinking of settling down and planning a family must first prepare themselves for how they should handle their finances. How willing they are to discuss money matters is a proof that they are faithful to their vows of “for richer or poorer.” 


Experts share their insights on how couples can avoid parting ways just because of money issues.  Before saying your “I dos” let counselors lead you into discussing your finances.  


Work Ethic

How you treat your work is essential because it is where you are going to get the money that you will put on the table.  Is going on a date more important than attending an office meeting? Or will you understand it if your partner will cancel a date because of an urgent seminar? Work-life balance is essential when working out a relationship especially for newly married couples.  Knowing where to spend your time impacts harmony in your relationship and the household.  Office work is just as important as sharing chores in the house. It is not fair that because you earn the more, you are exempted from helping around the house.



Living On A Budget

Most couples who are used to living in luxury when they were single find it hard to sacrifice many things.  Bear in mind that it’s no longer you alone but the two of you, and then soon a baby will be added.  Living on a budget can help you save and be financially able when you decided to bring in an additional member to your growing family.  


Debt Bait 

Some single people are used to an easy swipe lifestyle which means going into debt with your credit cards.   Couples who are thinking of sharing vows should first consider how they can be debt free.  It would be unfair if your partner will suffer because of the indebtedness that could force you to pay sometimes.  Living on a budget will help you not to add more to your debts and allow you to clear it all the soonest possible time.  


Wedding Plan

Plan a wedding that will not cost you too much money.  Unless you are from a well-to-do family, making a wedding simpler and less costly will lessen the stress.   You can follow various without sacrificing the solemnity and beauty of the event.  As I said earlier, do not bury yourself in debt because you are about to start a new life as a couple and that’s entirely not a proper way to start it.  


Consider A Frugal Honeymoon  

The honeymoon is part of the big event, but it does not have to be too expensive.  There are many tricks to having a romantic but affordable honeymoon.  It’s not about how big or extravagant your honeymoon is; it is how you will start to make beautiful memories together with peace of mind, not worrying about bills to pay after your big event.

Couples are luckier now because today’s society offers almost equal work opportunities for both male and female workers.  What couples would need to do first is to develop a financial system that they think would work best for them.  


  • Making and following a realistic budgeting procedure. 
  • Limiting or as much as possible staying out of debt. 
  • Practice living within the means of your salary. 
  • Learn strategies on how you can save, and one way is by attending financial management seminars. 


Couples should be good stewards of the money they earn from hard work.  Making your family debt-free will ensure a more secure financial future, lessening the possibility of downfall in your marriage, in your finances, and even in your health.  The fewer worries regarding money matters, the less stressed you would feel about the future.   


Attending premarital counseling will also help you not to be uncomfortable talking about money matters.   Your counselor can teach you how to discuss it openly and how to handle it when future problems arise.  Financial issues do not just mean jobs that earn money but also services that will gain the respect of your partner, especially the way you will handle your time when the baby arrives, as that is when the real ballgame begins.  

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