Preparing Your Budget: How Much Will Premarital Counseling Cost?

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, considering the budget, endless decisions to make, limitless choices, deadlines, and a lot more to deal with.  When your budget doesn’t meet all your wants, you try to cross out some items on your checklist and will coolly consider going DIY.  But there is one on your list which you must never cross out, and you can never do it yourself – premarital counseling.


Some couples plan their wedding, and out of excitement they forget to take into consideration their budget.  And if they do not have that big of a budget, sometimes they have to do a reality check and learn how to prioritize.  It can still be the wedding you have always wanted and your happy life together ahead if you know how to focus on what is more important on this occasion.  


Many couples who experienced and enjoyed their premarital counseling agreed that it was a good idea that they did allocate a budget for their counseling.  The best decision they have made in their prewedding itinerary was taking time to sit down and have an honest and thoughtful talk with their partner.  


The focus of their counseling centered on the cornerstone of the marital relationship that included but was not limited to:  finances, communication and conflict management, religious beliefs, extended family boundaries and support, and career.  Guided by a professional marriage counselor, the couples plan their future, agreeing on life goals they have set before their wedding.   It is done for couples to be ready and if possible avoid any bumps that they may stumble upon down their road to forever.  


Professional Counselors 

Some couples really prepared and set a budget for their premarital counseling because they want to consider the assistance given by a licensed professional counselor with expertise in couples counseling.  Rates of counselors with such specialization and have made a name for themselves in the field range somewhere between $50 and $150 for a session that lasts from 45 to 60 minutes.  But there are also counselors who are willing to adjust their rates depending on the budget the couples prepared.


Church Leaders Affiliated Counselors

Church counseling rates range from $25 to $125 per session.  But some congregations offer free counseling services for their affiliate and associate members.  Sometimes, the counseling fee is incorporated in the honorarium for the pastor who will be conducting the wedding service.  If you are interested in counseling services of church leaders, make sure that you set your appointment months before the wedding day as per their requirements.  


Group Seminars 

This kind of setup may be less personal, but it is perfect for busy couples who want to save time as group seminars cover several topics in just one session.  It can also be beneficial for learning from other couple’s experiences.  Group sessions counseling charge from $100 to $ 300 on the average.


Unfortunately, the cost of premarital counseling should come out of your own pocket.   But if you want to check with your health insurance, you can do so as there might be some insurance that covers this type of counseling.   


If you are in the process of looking for a professional therapist at a price that is not hard on the budget, you may want to try services offered by BetterHelp.  They have a flat membership fee that allows you to use the platform and avail of their unlimited counseling, which means you can contact your counselor as often as you need him.  They also have face-to-face counseling that will cost you anywhere from $150 to $250 for one session.  If you want to know more about their services and rates, take time to check their page


To make your premarital counseling a successful one, be sure that both of you are involved in it and are both cooperative and honest with your answers and opinions.  It is your moment of truth, stepping into the future together, unmasked.

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