Why Angry Bosses Unquestionably Need Anger Management Therapy

Whenever you hear about a talented man, so close to reaching his dream position in a large company, quit his job, the spectators’ questions may range from a simple “Why?” to an intense “What is wrong with your brain?” After all, the guy must have beaten many odds to get where he was before resigning. Walking out of his post seems quite unimaginable because of that. 

What the queries imply, however, is that it rarely crosses people’s minds that there may be a grave reason behind such a life-changing decision. On a positive note, the man may want to start his own business,or there’s a more attractive job offer from the competitor. If you lean towards the dark yet very realistic side, you might see that he left to stay away from verbally abusive bosses who don’t think of the effect of their harsh words on others.

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Scenarios similar to the one above take place every day across the planet. A company meets a setback as it loses skillful workers regularly.All because of what? A team leader, supervisor, manager, or whoever in the higher ups who can’t control their emotions, no less. If only the bosses with rage issues sign up for anger management therapy, there’ll be no room for broken dreams and strained relationships in the office.

Allow us to break down the things that unruly behavior do to employees.

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  1. It Lowers Their Self-Esteem

Folks who get angry for petty reasons, in general, tend to drop hurtful words that target a person’s confidence level. Being on the receiving end of that is like having someone pinch you on a single spot. It may only sting in the beginning, but it can inflict severe damage once experienced over and over.

That is why the employees who cannot leave or stand up for themselves against angry bosses become dull after months or years of working with the latter. Their brightness goes away; they can’t look clients in the eye. In case the superior is also a bully, it may not ever occur to him that his employees are assets to that company.


  1. It Causes Them To Respect The Boss Less And Less

A condescending individual may pride himself or herself as well in claiming that all workers underneath their leadership follow his or her rules. 

While that may be true, you can be sure that the compliance does not come out of respect. Fear is the conventional driving force behind that. It is either the employees are afraid of getting an earful of degrading comments from you or they cannot afford to lose their job. 

For that reason, if that kind of attitude does not change, there will be a time in which the staff may disregard or boycott you entirely. 

  1. It Isn’t A Good Example To Workers

Last but not the least, staying as an angry boss can corrupt employees’ perspective of how a real leader should act. Though these are adult personnel we’re talking about, many of them still look for a role model to copy when it’s their time to hold a higher position. Considering all they know is that you need to yell to get the point across or force people to obey without a word, then that’s what they might also do in the future. 

How can the company rise above its competitors if its managers and execs discourage everyone else to be productive?

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In case you want to get rid of your anger-related issues now, prioritize anger management therapy ASAP. 

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