Signs That Says You’re Not Clinically Hyperactive (ADHD)


Online quizzes and tests for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are now available, but these are not definitive. It can only guide you and give you a sense of what ADHD is. It is a great relief when you find out that you do not have an ADHD, and here are 23 signs which you should take in mind. (Share this with your family.)

Absolute Mess When There Is Crisis

People with ADHD often experience the flow of their adrenaline. This is the reason why they cannot stay put on desk jobs or administration. They are most likely to succeed in careers like the army, police, fire and rescue, emergency respondents, showbiz and sales.

Your Full Potential Being Used

Those who have ADHD feels like they are underachieving even though they have several achievements and accomplishments. They feel like they are not attaining up to their fullest potential.

Being On Time All the Time

People with ADHD have difficulty completing their tasks on time since a lot of things caught up their attention.

People Mistaking You Of Having ADHD

ADHD is present since childhood because it is related to the genetic composition of the body. The statement above only tells that there may be a situation that affects your mood and reaction, and cannot conclude that you have an ADHD.


No Memory Issues

People with ADHD tend to forget what they had just said because there are many things they are thinking about or their focus is elsewhere.

Excellent Location Memory

As said earlier, they have many things going on in their head, and the memory of where they put the car keys are already buried.

On the Same Job For Quite A While

Those who have ADHD can be impatient and have the risk of being dismissed at work. They tend to start a task and not finish it. And if there are times they end it, it is not par to the required standards.

ADHD Is Not In Your Blood

ADHD is associated with genes; it is inheritable. There are instances that an injury or other factors make these symptoms. It can be passed on from parents to their kids.

Pays Tax On Time

Individuals with ADHD can concentrate on doing one task when they are interested, but most of the time, paying taxes is not one of them. They hire people to do their taxes.


Having ADHD does not mean that a person experiences deficit of attention, it is uneven, unmanaged, and unpredictable attention. They are hyper-focused, or can also be laser-focused – forceful and persistent.

No Trouble With Reading

About 40 percent of children with ADHD also have a Learning Condition like Dyslexia, and 70 percent of adults with ADHD have another mental health issue like depression and anxiety.


People with ADHD are more likely to share their thoughts, and react to their environment. Unlike them, those who do not have ADHD listen more before responding.

Not Alarmed With The ADHD Indicators

Those who have undiagnosed ADHD may overreact to the list of ADHD indications because it does reveal more than expected. The list may include their day to day difficulties and identify it as a part of the normal life when in reality, it is not.



Sense Of Time

People with ADHD have a problem in managing their time as they are scattered and hyper-focused. You can never rely on these people when it comes to timeliness as they are always late. They have no sense of time and runs their world at their own pace.

To Do List Has Less Than 500 Things

People with ADHD can be enthusiastic about creating to-do lists and lists down many things they can think of.

Work Is Visible

People with ADHD can easily remember stuff if they see it making them have piles of things at their work desk.

Not Being Forgetful

Having this disorder makes them forgetful. Thus, if you are not having memory lapses or being careless even with tiniest detail, then you can be assured that ADHD is not your problem.

Not Overreacting

People with ADHD have sudden flashes of reaction and emotion. They tend to have some sudden outburst that is uncalled for.

Enjoy Loud Events, And Places

ADHD makes a person oversensitive to the information received by the senses. Thus they are very sensitive to loud sounds that they tend to stay away from noisy places and events that require a lot of noise.

No To Stimulants

Stimulants help people with ADHD to sleep. They need this just to get some eye shut.

Identifies People Without Any Problem At all

Those who have ADHD are easily overwhelmed by small things.

Organized, Neat And Tidy With Personal And Work Belongings

You do not have different attires or gears for various hobbies.

Considering Every Single Detail In A Task Or Activity

People with ADHD have difficulty staying or focusing on one task, let alone reading a long list. This usually bores them. Thus they set it aside and do their own thing or version on a particular situation or activity.


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