I’m Busy – How Can I Stay Healthy?

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One of the top reasons why people find it difficult to exercise is that they don’t have time for it. They can’t seem to fit exercise into their hectic schedules. It’s hard enough to stick to an exercise regimen for someone who is not busy, so understandably this is quite taxing for the entrepreneur, the corporate manager, or the working mom.

Let’s focus on the working mom, because I belong to that category, and yes, finding a suitable program and sticking to it can be quite impossible – has been impossible – for me. How can I? Juggling with my wifey and mommy chores plus trying to earn a living have had my hands full. It has left me with nothing but time for bed and perhaps an hour or two for family bonding.

I am one of the moms who struggle because I know that I need to be physically and mentally healthy but just can’t find the time. My husband and I had had disagreements because when I tried to hit the gym a few times, he said I had so little time for family. So I searched for answers among friends and experts who’ve shared their experiences online. And according to them, staying healthy when you’re busy is indeed possible. Here’s how.



  • Exercise first before everything. An exercise specialist who’s also a mother of twins says this: “Nobody schedules a meeting at 4:30 in the morning, right?” She says that if you are determined to sweat it out and stay healthy, you make sure it comes first on your list. That’s just perfect for me since my kid needs to get ready before seven. It does feel good to be able to work out before you get caught up with other responsibilities.


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  • When you schedule it, do it. This suggests that you have a family calendar where you can jot down all your schedules, so you’ll know where each of the family members is going. Then you can start filling in your exercise routine schedule, so hubby knows this is a priority for you.



Lunch break can do. There are no rules that prohibit you from working out during your lunch break if that’s the only time you have. Block your 12 to 1 and go for a jog or hit the gym if it’s too hot outside. It would also be nice to swim in an indoor pool at this time.

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  • Make exercise time family time. If you’re full-packed for the day and you need to sweat it out, let the kids join you. It’ll be fun and recreational. This way you’re also training them to do healthy activities as well. While you’re at it, why don’t you let hubby join in the fun? Jogging, dancing, and aerobics are some of the exercise routines you can do with your kids and the whole family.



The Bottom Line

Despite the many excuses you’ll have, it is never impossible to stay healthy despite being a busy mom, executive, or any professional. It may drain relationships sometimes, especially concerning family time, and there are healthy solutions for these, like reaching out to Regain.

As much as you prioritize work and daily obligations, it is only right to fit it into your list of priorities to keep yourself healthy physically and mentally.

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