Easy Ways To De-Stress Right Here Right Now

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Life is indeed like a rollercoaster. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. At times, it is difficult to see the sun through the horizon, even on the brightest of days. And when you’re at work and in the middle of something important, you can’t focus on it because of these stressors.

It is a fact that stress, depression, and anxiety are our common daily enemies. We struggle to find ways to cope with these enemies, and we even reach out to therapy just so we can get helpful ideas, along with trying to take care of our families, keeping in touch with friends, and remembering to stay healthy and active.

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So what can we do when we feel the pressure right here right now? We’ll need to find quick strategies that we can utilize in order to de-stress and lower down our anxiety levels just we can’t seem to concentrate and get on with what we must do.


Here are some easy ways to counter the effects of stress right here right now.

  • Breathe. When you’re mad or tense, you tend to say or do things that you regret after. This is because you become impulsive when you’re under pressure. When you take time to close your eyes and breathe – slowly and deeply – your tension levels eventually go down, enabling you to relax. Take ten deep breaths and then relax. Do it again if you think you need more to calm yourself – breathing in through the nose and breathing out through the mouth.


  • Eat a healthy snack. Yes, food is fuel for the body and mind. It alleviates mood and perks up the weary soul. Find a granola bar at the pantry, or get a fix of tuna sandwich with some lemonade. It’s not called stress eating if you mind what you eat!

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  • Practice positive affirmations. Try to focus on the bright side and think, “I can do this. I’m stronger than this.” And you definitely are. The mind believes what it is encouraged to believe, and if you tell yourself that you can and you’re better than your challenges, it affects you tremendously. If you’re in the middle of a meeting and can’t focus, tell yourself, “I’ve prepared for this and I’m here because I’m great at my job.”


  • Listen to your favorite music. Music either calms the soul or perks it, depending on the genre. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best ways to take some of the stress from wherever you are. When you wear those earphones and groove with the beat, you start setting the mood to something happy and positive. Make sure you play those that remind you of your partner or your lavish vacation in Italy or something.


  • De-stress from your desk. There are several exercises you can do while you’re sitting in that chair of yours. Sitting up straight and raising both your feet up towards the ceiling contracts your lower abdominals. Side bending with your arms behind your back is a great way to activate those chest and upper back muscles – plus relieve you from your stresses. If your job requires you to sit down for long hours, now you won’t ever have to make excuses not to move.

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If you’re feeling down or stressed or anxious right now, try doing some of the tips mentioned above. Soon you’ll learn to smile at every challenge and problem that you face because you know you can definitely get through them. Relax. Love life!

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