Causes of Infertility

Millions of men and women try for a baby each and every year only to find they are infertile. When that happens, a couple’s life can be shattered and it truly is devastating news. However, why is someone infertile? What are the causes of infertility and can they be reversed? Read on to find out more.


Long-Term Illness or a Past Illness

There are many reasons as to why someone might become infertile. One common reason is from a long-term illness. Illnesses such as cancer may prevent someone from being able to have a child depending on the treatment and severity of the condition. For example, ovarian cancer may result in the ovaries being removed or even in other such cancers, the radiation in which the person is exposed to can make them infertile. Cancer isn’t the only serious illness that might make someone unable to have a child. Some people who have had cancer are still able to have children but there are many others who cannot. It depends on the treatment and the exact illness. 

Being Obese

To be honest, you wouldn’t think carrying a few extra pounds would be detrimental infertility and yet it plays a massive role. When you are obese there is a great strain put on your body and it might be unable to carry a child. What’s more, if the hormones are off-balance, it may prevent you from being able to carry a child. Women who want to get pregnant and who are extremely overweight or obese often find they must lose weight to even stand the chance of becoming pregnant. It can be a tricky area for women to say the least.

Have a Vasectomy

For men, they may become infertile through a vasectomy. Now, this is something for men which can be extremely painful but it can lead to infertility. However, vasectomies might be able to be reversed. This is something worth looking into for men who wish to try for a baby. Whether the reversal will be successful is down to nature. Sometimes, it works and sometimes it doesn’t. In truth, it can vary.

Problems with the Reproductive Organs

Nature plays its part when it comes to fertility. Sometimes, a person just isn’t destined to carry a baby. It’s cruel but it happens. For some, they have issues and problems with their reproductive organs and find even after they have undergone treatment there is no way they will conceive. It can be extremely tough on men and women alike as they can find they feel less like a woman or man since they cannot have a child.


A Cruel Twist of Fate

The causes of infertility vary. There are many reasons as to why someone might become infertile and unable to have a child. For some, they can undertake a series of tests and treatments to help reverse the problems; some are successful and some are not. It’s difficult because sometimes there is no way of knowing what will be a success. Infertility can be a cruel part of life and one which devastates most.


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