Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, And Therapy For People With MS


The 2018 Wellness Forum was all about people with MS and some very effective treatment to increase mobility. I was there since a good friend of mine invited me to the forum. His sister has MS and he wanted to know more about how he can help her. I was idle at that time and had nothing better to do, and so I went with him.

MS is Multiple Sclerosis. There is only therapy and treatment to manage the condition, but there is no permanent cure. This illness is long-lasting and permanent, which is why the patient will have to endure the symptoms of this condition. At times, the illness will affect one’s brain function, the spine, and the nerves in one’s eyes. It means that the person suffering from MS can sometimes have vision problems. They will lose their balance or have difficulty walking. They will have issues with controlling their muscles, and the brain cannot decipher all of that since it is also partly damaged.


And so in that forum, the Holistic Health and Wellness Forum for MS, as they called it was hosted by Yoga Moves MS. They invited keynote speakers who were specialists and experts in the field of MS. Those doctors were neurologists, urologists, and integrative care specialists. They all agreed that yoga is a great way to alleviate some issues brought about by MS. 

Actually, yoga, Pilates and meditation were advised for people with multiple sclerosis. Those with MS have problems with their muscles, and nerves. Yoga can improve their muscle strength and also make them flexible. Since they have balance issues, yoga and Pilate can improve their balance, focus and posture. Pilates can improve their pelvic floor health, too. With meditation, people with MS can release their tension, anxiety, and fatigue. It may also assist in their depressive moods.

Of course, those with MS are very said due to their condition. It is also advised that they talk with counselors or therapists to keep their mental health in check. The forum was very enlightening. I went there without a clue and left the hall armed with valuable knowledge.

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