Quelching Work-Related Worries During Quarantine

When my company decided to become semi-operational when the governor of California announced his stay-at-home order, I sighed happily. The increasing number of positive COVID-19 cases in the United States had been scary from the start. With Los Angeles as our headquarters and a tourist hotspot, we would have been unable to dodge the coronavirus.

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My best friend’s reaction to the quarantine was much different from mine, though. She insisted on working full-time, citing that the virus won’t stop her bills from coming. She had a long list of work-related worries, but the most critical things I reminded her of were the following:

You Can Get By With Not A Lot Of Money

The primary worry of employees is that their wages during the quarantine may not be enough for the bills and their family’s needs. After all, many employers have deducted 20% of the salary of the individuals who work from home. For instance, if the workers used to get $2000, they could only get $1600 now.

Despite that, keep in mind that your expenses may not be as high as before. You have nowhere else to go, so you do not have to top up your gas or pay for a car wash. Instead of ordering food from restaurants, you can recreate the dishes for almost half the price. Hence, you should be able to get by even if you do not get your full salary.

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Your Projects Can Wait

The workaholics may be suffering from the quarantine the most since a significant number of businesses cannot function due to the quarantine. Some may still have paperwork to do; others get to attend meetings via Skype or Zoom. But whatever project you may have been doing when the pandemic occurred needs to stop until the medical experts come up with a vaccine.

It is okay to express your disappointment, frustration, or sadness about your current situation. You love working; you may be doing it continuously in the last few years. Still, it is better to postpone any project instead of catching the coronavirus out there.

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Your Job Is Safe

I know that a lot of companies have already started retrenchment and fired thousands of people. But your job is still safe, assuming your boss or manager has not sent you a memo about contract termination. It will not be taken away from you; you will have work to come back to when the quarantine is over. 

If Not, You Can Find A Better Job Soon

Perhaps you have always wanted to leave the company you work for but could not do it due to your friends. Maybe you do not get paid enough, but you have no time to look for another job. In case your worst fear turns into reality, and you find yourself unemployed during the quarantine, look at the bright side. 

Since you are no longer tied to that company, you can now seek better employment. You can look for bosses who will value your contributions to the business’s growth and compensate you well. Isn’t that exciting?

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Final Thoughts

Your worries regarding your work may not entirely stop as long as the quarantine remains. Even if you tell yourself everything I have mentioned above, there may be times when you slip up and become anxious again. That’s alright—you are human. Besides, it should be fine to feel it for a few minutes since it can help you stay grounded. 

Despite that, we hope that you will not let your anxiety linger in your mind and gravely affect your decisions. Enjoy your free days while it lasts!

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