Wellness Events Can Bring About Something Really Good

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Being in the dietary supplement industry, I had to attend the 2019 Wellness Event. I mean, who was I to complain? My manager brought three other employees and me for that event, which was held in Frankfurt, Germany. I thought that the event would be boring and filled with geriatric people. Ha! I was mistaken for I saw hotties, mid-level guys, and yeah, fuglies in the gathering. One of them even tried to take a swing at me. Eww. Still, it was a free vacation and in Germany, nonetheless.

Anyway, the event talked about functional food and dietary supplements. I was not able to sleep during the talks, thank God, or my manager would have given me the stare. It was a bit dry and dull, yes, for a 24-year-old little lady like me. What made the event somewhat interesting was the German CEO of this start-up named “Haans” with two A’s and my office mate, Chris. I have not seen Chris before in the building, and that is because he works in a different department and a different floor. I had to thank my geriatric (LOL) manager for tagging me along, secretly saying, “I love looking at Haans, and Chris is so hot!”

Source: pexels.com

Oh, poof! My eyes are ambitious, but I am not that kind of girl. I just love to talk dirty even if, in real life, I am not. I only had one boyfriend in all of my 24 years, and that was Gene. It is not even a counted relationship. You know, when you were fourteen and thought that you had found the one that was Gene for me. Gene is a garbage collector guy these days and not that I am discriminating, but he is fat. He did not take care of himself, did the bad kind of drugs, and just let himself go.

Letting yourself go… In a way, that was one of the hidden topics in the event. We cannot afford to let ourselves go, or else, we would be doomed. This is why I always manage to be healthy, to look good, and to LOOK AT good looking people. Dang, I may have learned a thing or two about nutrition in that event, which gained me a promotion at work, even if my eyes were wandering, and my mind was wondering.

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