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The Difference Between Rich And Wealthy


Some words are abstractions of a tangible thing, while others are abstractions of a state that is in itself an abstraction. Forcing precise meaning through so many layers is bound to lead to some confusion. In the case of the words “happy”, “content” and “euphoric”, we can easily figure out some kind of progression where one is in some sense more desirable than another, but the difference between “rich” and “wealthy” is much more subtle. One may have lots of money and that is happiness, but others define it as having a rich purpose in life and being able to empower others such as

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Tips To Improve Your Work-Life Balance

There are plenty of getting rich quick schemes out there, but the only ones who have gotten rich in that way are the con artists who run them. When talking about getting happy quick schemes, you could make a similar point about drug dealers.

As far as real success, real wealth and true happiness is concerned, we can basically take it as a given that real work and true commitment form part of the deal. The dilemma is that very few people desire only one solitary thing. You might want your business to succeed, but not at the cost of your marriage failing. You might want to invest a large sum in a property, but doing so will mean giving up the chance to see Europe this year. Almost every choice we make is not between wanting or not wanting something, but about how much we want it relative to other things that will bring us joy. Continue reading

When An Online Course Can Help You Get Ahead

Time is money, but knowledge is also power. In the days before the internet, someone wishing to expand his skill set would have to take time away from work or relaxation to attend a course, or gather knowledge the hard way, by working through a book on their own without being able to ask for explanations or knowing how well they really understand the material.

The situation is completely different today. For little more than the cost of a good textbook, anyone can attend a virtual course offered by video, audio and lecture notes. Lecturers are available to answer questions, progress can be checked through assignments and tests, and many courses offer bankable diplomas or academic credits.

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Hack Time, Hack Money



There are 86,400 seconds in a day, so why do we often go to sleep feeling anxious about not having achieved anything? Of course, you’ve just spent 30 of those seconds checking to see if the above figure is correct, while almost 30,000 more of them are spent sleeping (or trying to). If your daily commute takes an hour and you like to spend four hours each day just relaxing, that leaves you with about forty thousand seconds to get on with things. Assuming that work takes 8 hours out of that, there still remains more than ten thousand seconds to fill with the things that make your life better, or will in the future, meaning three hours to eat, study, dream and think.

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How CEO’s Structure Their Day


Life at the top of the corporate ladder may be rewarding, but it is also just as challenging as can be expected. The most successful executives also tend to be those who put in a frighteningly high number of hours each week. These individuals are expected to make critical decisions on a daily basis, often with insufficient information or time to think, and they have no one to turn to for advice when they aren’t sure what to do. They communicate with more than a hundred people each day and may have to chat cheerfully with a client one minute and then negotiate aggressively with a supplier the next without allowing the emotions from one conversation to affect the other. The level of pressure, the load of responsibility and the amount of self-discipline required to do this successfully, day after day and year after year, is difficult to imagine.

It is often enlightening to learn more about something by studying its extremes. If you wanted to improve your race time, you wouldn’t be interested in what the majority of average runners eat or how they train, but rather try to find out what approaches the best in the world follow. Similarly, anyone who is interested in being successful at work while still finding time for their families, and managing to do all of this without going bonkers, will likely find some useful lessons from those at the corporate apex.

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Meditation for Managers


Everybody has experienced stress in their lives, especially at work. What many people fail to realize is that unexpected and unfortunate things are bound to happen, but stress, anxiety, anger, and discouragement are states of mind that are internal to ourselves. The first step to learning how to control our emotions is to make this distinction between circumstances outside of ourselves and possibly outside our control, and our inner lives, which all of us can more or less get a grip on.

The second thing to realize is that there is a difference between mind and consciousness. The mind is the whole movie, the entire painting; consciousness is the part we are watching or the detail we’re focusing on.  Before we get into pointless and unanswerable questions like “Is my mind and I different things?”, let’s see what the practical benefits of meditation are.

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Embracing Work Life Balance To Avoid Chronic Stress


Work life balance is defined as a person’s ability to meet their work and family commitments, as well as other tasks and responsibilities outside of work.  There is a widespread interest in this subject especially from big work organizations primarily because it affects all aspects of a worker’s life. Work has become more demanding of time. What’s supposed to be just an 8-hour job can easily turn into a 12-hour grind. For some employees, extra working hours mean extra pay. But these additional work hours are subtracted from personal time. And if this process continues, it will fire back to the employee in the form of physical and mental fatigue; it will create great conflict within the other key areas of his life—family and personal.  How do you make sure family is still cared for? You would need help with wellness not only for you but for your loved ones as well.

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Emotional Ramifications of Infertility

When you are dealt with the devastating news that you are infertile, how can you honestly go on? It’s devastating news and not something you ever want to hear, whether you’re young or old but unfortunately, it happens on a day-to-day basis. When it does happen, it’s shattering and for some, they cannot process the news. Worst still, there are many emotional ramifications to come from infertility.

You Feel Hurt and Angry

For the most part, people start off very emotional, they cry and feel very upset but that can soon turn into anger and that is the number one emotion for most people. When someone finds out they’re infertile, they can become very angry and it’s one emotional ramification of infertility. It’s human nature to become angry and you don’t want to think there is something wrong with you as to why you cannot have a child. It’s frightening and something that destroys a person so much so they don’t want to go on living. That is why it’s necessary to find an outlet for the grief. Continue reading

Don’t Let Infertility Ruin Your Marriage

What happens when you or your partner is unable to conceive a child? Infertility is one of the most terrifying obstacles a couple can face today and yet it’s becoming even more common. Unfortunately, there are some who cannot have a child of their own and news like that can ruin a marriage. Is it possible to overcome these issues? Read on to find out more information about overcoming infertility and preventing a broken marriage today.

How Can You Overcome Infertility?

First and foremost, you might want to talk to someone who has gone through it and experienced the same pains and emotions you’ve felt. It could be helpful to find a support group that specializes in this area. It doesn’t matter if you’re infertile or your partner is, it’s good to talk about it and by talking about it to those who’ve gone through it, you can feel less alone. This can be extremely effective and also a much simpler way to prevent a marriage from being ruined. Continue reading

Causes of Infertility

Millions of men and women try for a baby each and every year only to find they are infertile. When that happens, a couple’s life can be shattered and it truly is devastating news. However, why is someone infertile? What are the causes of infertility and can they be reversed? Read on to find out more.

Long-Term Illness or a Past Illness

There are many reasons as to why someone might become infertile. One common reason is from a long-term illness. Illnesses such as cancer may prevent someone from being able to have a child depending on the treatment and severity of the condition. For example, ovarian cancer may result in the ovaries being removed or even in other such cancers, the radiation in which the person is exposed to can make them infertile. Cancer isn’t the only serious illness that might make someone unable to have a child. Some people who have had cancer are still able to have children but there are many others who cannot. It depends on the treatment and the exact illness.  Continue reading

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