Wellness Events Can Bring About Something Really Good

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Being in the dietary supplement industry, I had to attend the 2019 Wellness Event. I mean, who was I to complain? My manager brought three other employees and me for that event, which was held in Frankfurt, Germany. I thought that the event would be boring and filled with geriatric people. Ha! I was mistaken for I saw hotties, mid-level guys, and yeah, fuglies in the gathering. One of them even tried to take a swing at me. Eww. Still, it was a free vacation and in Germany, nonetheless.

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Quelching Work-Related Worries During Quarantine

When my company decided to become semi-operational when the governor of California announced his stay-at-home order, I sighed happily. The increasing number of positive COVID-19 cases in the United States had been scary from the start. With Los Angeles as our headquarters and a tourist hotspot, we would have been unable to dodge the coronavirus.

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My best friend’s reaction to the quarantine was much different from mine, though. She insisted on working full-time, citing that the virus won’t stop her bills from coming. She had a long list of work-related worries, but the most critical things I reminded her of were the following:

You Can Get By With Not A Lot Of Money

The primary worry of employees is that their wages during the quarantine may not be enough for the bills and their family’s needs. After all, many employers have deducted 20% of the salary of the individuals who work from home. For instance, if the workers used to get $2000, they could only get $1600 now.

Despite that, keep in mind that your expenses may not be as high as before. You have nowhere else to go, so you do not have to top up your gas or pay for a car wash. Instead of ordering food from restaurants, you can recreate the dishes for almost half the price. Hence, you should be able to get by even if you do not get your full salary.

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Your Projects Can Wait

The workaholics may be suffering from the quarantine the most since a significant number of businesses cannot function due to the quarantine. Some may still have paperwork to do; others get to attend meetings via Skype or Zoom. But whatever project you may have been doing when the pandemic occurred needs to stop until the medical experts come up with a vaccine.

It is okay to express your disappointment, frustration, or sadness about your current situation. You love working; you may be doing it continuously in the last few years. Still, it is better to postpone any project instead of catching the coronavirus out there.

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Your Job Is Safe

I know that a lot of companies have already started retrenchment and fired thousands of people. But your job is still safe, assuming your boss or manager has not sent you a memo about contract termination. It will not be taken away from you; you will have work to come back to when the quarantine is over. 

If Not, You Can Find A Better Job Soon

Perhaps you have always wanted to leave the company you work for but could not do it due to your friends. Maybe you do not get paid enough, but you have no time to look for another job. In case your worst fear turns into reality, and you find yourself unemployed during the quarantine, look at the bright side. 

Since you are no longer tied to that company, you can now seek better employment. You can look for bosses who will value your contributions to the business’s growth and compensate you well. Isn’t that exciting?

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Final Thoughts

Your worries regarding your work may not entirely stop as long as the quarantine remains. Even if you tell yourself everything I have mentioned above, there may be times when you slip up and become anxious again. That’s alright—you are human. Besides, it should be fine to feel it for a few minutes since it can help you stay grounded. 

Despite that, we hope that you will not let your anxiety linger in your mind and gravely affect your decisions. Enjoy your free days while it lasts!

Learning About Work-Life Balance Through Tony Petrello’s Life Story

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Tony Petrello, the Chief Executive Officer of Nabor Industries, among other things, has proven his value at the helm of one of the leading oil drilling companies in the United States many times over that the institution compensates him well enough to become included in the list of highest-paid leaders in the recent years. With the implementation of great strategies, the company just entered an exclusive joint venture agreement with Saudi Aramco not too long ago to expand the number of oil rigs that they both handle.

Although there are more things that Tony Petrello has done on behalf of Nabor, it seems right to know the person behind all these achievements.

As A Friend

Anthony “Tony” Petrello was a mathematics genius and a friendly and approachable man when he was still getting his education, according to his old roommate, Lloyd Grove. Granted, it had been years when they last caught up with each other. However, Lloyd had written in the article featuring Tony that he remained as the humble pal he once knew. When he exchanged messages with the guy for the first time once again, the latter mentioned that he believed it was his luck and not the smarts that placed him in his current position in the industry.

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As A Student

Tony Petrello is an alumnus of a couple of Ivy League schools. Whereas he obtained a Juris Doctor degree at the Harvard Law School, he graduated from Yale University with a Master’s in Mathematics.

As A Professional

Right after college, Petrello got to utilize his knowledge about the legal world when he got employed at Baker & McKenzie, a law office that focused on providing assistance to clients regarding taxation, international arbitration, and business laws, in 1979. Tony stayed in the same position for a total of seven years before he became promoted as a Managing Partner in Baker & McKenzie’s firm within New York by 1986. He only forwarded his resignation letter in 1991.

However, retirement was short-lived for Anthony Petrello because he also entered Nabor Industries within the same year. Once he stepped into the new company, he immediately got appointed as a President, as well as a Chief Operating Officer of the corporation.

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The progression of the positions he held in Nabors Industries did not halt there as he was able to demonstrate his intelligence and management skills after becoming a Deputy Chairman by 2003, a Chief Executive Officer in 2011, and a Board Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors come 2012. What is interesting about Petrello is that he still handles the same positions at present. It is proof that the other executives working for Nabors Industries believe in what Tony is capable of doing.

As A Philanthropist

In addition to his well-decorated employment history, Petrello has a soft heart for kids suffering from neurological diseases. Intending to help as many as he could, he became a part of the Texas Children’s Hospital’s Board of Trustees.

Final Thoughts

Getting acknowledged for so many great deeds can put anyone’s life in a state of chaos. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Tony Petrello. He does his job well and not allow the praises to fill his head.

If we can act the same way that Tony Petrello does, we may not have issues with our work-life balance either.


How To Stay Calm At Work

A workplace is such a competitive atmosphere where everyone’s expected to be in their best shape daily. It’s a must, because there are a lot of projects being created within that space, and they require your full attention. But how can you give your 200% if you’re all over the place?

That is a typical dilemma for career women (and men) in various industries. Between meetings, paperwork, and other tasks at the office, it may feel like they’re too much for one person to handle. In case there are kids and a husband/wife to tend to as well, the level of stress may be taller than you in no time.

What you can do at this point is learn how to stay calm at work. Check out the tips below.

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1. Have a hearty breakfast.

Start your day best by eating breakfast on the dining table. It may sound like what mothers always say; a morning meal can give you the energy to accomplish your duties. You’ll be able to collect your thoughts while finishing the food too and perhaps chat for a bit with your housemates.

2. Stay thankful.

Once you reach the office and see your desk, don’t sit down immediately. Instead, fill your mind with things that you feel grateful for, such as getting a good job and being alive. It may help you tackle the activities with a lighter heart.

3. Focus on work alone.

Considering all your needs are accessible without a smartphone, you can unplug from your gadget during work hours. In doing so, nothing can distract you from the current tasks. You will also be more productive and get to complete projects fast.

4. Take a break whenever possible.

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Bosses show care for the team when they allow multiple breaks throughout a shift. You better take advantage of that flexibility and use it to step away from your space for a while. Just walking around the office or going to the bathroom can keep you zen all day long.

5. Prevent eating on your desk.

Furthermore, it’s a bad habit to eat with business-related objects in front of you. The different flavors of the meal are supposed to give you something else to think about before resuming work. If you eat where you can see your project, half of your brain will focus on it and you won’t get to stay calm.

6. Go with the flow.

Another instance that may disturb your inner peace is when things don’t go your way. Well, there are other voices in the office, so try not feel stressed out and let it go in case their ideas were heard and not yours.

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7. Prioritize relaxation afterward.

When your office obligations are over, take a chill pill and concentrate on fun. Having a few hours of sleep is a treat already. To ante it up, you may get a full-body massage to unknot your tired muscles or plan a weekend trip with loved ones.

Give yourself time to relax so you can attend to work again without the worries from yesterday.

Superfoods And Their Super Health Benefits

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The term “Superfood” is often used by the media. It is always used in health articles, whole food groceries, specialty stores and etc, but is there really such thing as the superfood?

Experts say that using the word “superfood” is just a marketing strategy by health and food companies in order to emphasize the nutrients in their products. There is no legal or medical definition of a superfood. In fact, the so-called superfoods are simply foods that are nutrient powerhouses filled with a large dose of vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and antioxidants.

Fad diets and news report may claim super benefits from superfood such as slowing aging and weight loss. However, superfoods are not magic potions that will instantly improve your health or cure ailments. Nutrition experts still recommend variety intake of lean protein, fruits, vegetable and whole grains. This diet recommendation is superior to taking one or two of the nutrient-dense food on top of a poor diet.

Eating too much of one type of food may prevent you from getting the nutrients you need. Studies show that many people in the United States don’t get enough potassium, dietary fiber, Vitamin D, and calcium. Since the identification and categorization of superfoods are not criteria-based and basically, the term can be used loosely without the basis of research. You have probably heard countless times the benefits of blueberries, kale, and salmon but there are less common superfoods that would be a great addition to your diet.

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Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is from the deactivated yeast with no leavening power. It is a non-animal source of protein and often consumed by vegans as their source of vitamin B12 which is important for normal brain and nervous system function. Vegans usually use nutritional yeast as their cheese substitute and as a seasoning to achieve that umami taste.


Black Garlic

Black garlic is prized by Asians for its health benefit. The garlic bulb is fermented through prolonged exposure to heat and humidity; thus resulting in its sweet and mellow flavor with an inky hue. Moreover, the sulfuric compound found in garlic is healthy for the heart and has anti-cancer benefits. Also, the fermented food stabilizes the intestinal flora and strengthens the immune response.


Maca Powder

Maca is a root vegetable that is dried and processed into powder mix. Maca is used to boost energy, libido, and endurance. It has adaptogen properties which promote renewal, regeneration, and repair of the cell. Due to its earthy flavor and nutty taste, maca powder can be added to smoothies and baked goods.



Sumac is a spice used in the Middle Eastern cuisine. It ranks very high in the ORAC (Oxygen radical absorbance capacity) chart, which ranks food based on its antioxidant capacity. Sumac has the capacity to neutralize the free radicals that can cause heart disease, cancer and signs of aging.

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Turmeric ranks high in the ORAC value. Turmeric is one of the highly researched superfoods because it contains curcumin. Curcumin is an active ingredient that inhibits inflammatory. It is known that inflammation contributes to almost every major disease. Studies suggest that turmeric is beneficial for cancer, osteoarthritis, infections and neurogenerative diseases.

Aside from the physical health benefits, superfoods are also proven beneficial in maintaining mental clarity and help regulate brain chemicals. As such, these foods are helpful in the treatment of mental illness like depression, anxiety and mood disorders. For more information about superfoods, it is best to consult a healthcare professional like nutritionist or dietician. This article can help you find a therapist near your location.

How To Succeed In Your Chosen Business

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In life, individuals have goals and aspirations that they actively work on in order to achieve their dreams. Some look up to their idols and role models to have a path to emulate upon in their journey in life. Others are lucky to find mentors who will help them out throughout life or somebody they can run to for advice especially for business and financial troubles.

Many entrepreneurs look up to successful business gurus, read various business books, attends classes and seminars and also, join groups and forums. However, if you haven’t found your role model or business guru that you want to follow your path to financial freedom from, here’s a compilation of advice about entrepreneurship, time management, and hacks from the business and entrepreneur experts.


Find Your Passion And Niche

Steve Jobs once said that the only way to achieve satisfaction in your life is to work on things that you truly believe in. Running a business requires time, effort and money and it will all be worthwhile if you are attaining something that you firmly believe in.


Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone

It is always so easy to be complacent about what you have. Some people even commend contentment and at times, frown upon ambitions and veering away from the status quo but Richard Branson believes that the biggest motivation is on the other side of the coin.  Keep on challenging yourself and treat life like an unending university education. Be open to learning new things from experts and other points of view. Try something revolutionary.

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Take The Plunge

It is difficult to take the risk when it involves everything you have is on the line. Successful entrepreneurs are willing to lose it all in order to succeed. They are individuals who are not ashamed of failures. They are simply unwavering in their desire to succeed. Jeff Bezos said he won’t regret failure but rather, regret not trying.


Have A Clear Vision

David Karp, founder, and CEO of Tumblr shared that an entrepreneur is a person who has a vision for something and desire to create it. The world is filled with different and various options, opportunities, hurdles, and temptations which can divert the attention of a mere mortal. Entrepreneurs should always have a clear vision of their goals.


Surround Yourself With Good People

Take it from Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn. He states that the fastest way to change one’s self is to hang out with people who are already entrepreneurs or financial savvy individuals.

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Face Your Fears

Conquering fear is not an easy feat but must be done. According to Arianna Huffington, fearlessness is similar to a muscle. The more she exercised it, the stronger it will become.


Keep moving

There are innovative and creative ideas in the world, but success happens to those who are brave enough to put those ideas into concrete and tangible structures. Walt Disney shared that the easiest way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.


It takes time

Believe or not, there is no shortcut to success. You really need to start from the bottom going up. Steve Jobs uttered, “If you look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” Be willing to wait, invest and believe that your company or business will succeed.


For more inspiration, read articles and advice from this site: https://www.regain.us/advice/

Prevention Of Anal Cancer

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According to research, anal cancer mortality can now take away 80 percent of a person’s lifespan, specifically gays and bi-sexual. Such findings were determined from an age-specific group of individuals.

In 2014, there are an estimated 620,000 bisexual and gay men from the United States who were infected with HIV. And about 100,000 of them are entirely unaware that they have the said disease. Such men are more prone to have 100 times chances of getting anal cancer compared to men tested negative for HIV.  Despite this alarming data, no guidelines were imposed for national screening to check people for anal cancer.

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Anal cancer can be the result of a continuous human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. Such infection, when not addressed at an early stage, can lead to anal precancer or even anal cancer. It was also revealed that such disease is also the culprit of rectal cancers, penile, oropharyngeal, vulvar, vaginal and even cervical cancers.

Because of these facts, screenings are being encouraged to point out patients and treat this health condition at the earliest stage possible. However, such advocate couldn’t be pushed through up until this moment, because treatment for this disease is still not yet discovered.  That is why such study is now being made known to the public through the Cancer journal to encourage medical professionals to find a remedy to help the infected gay and bisexual who are HIV positive to get away from cancer.


Anal Cancer: The Next Big Crisis

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Medical professionals stated that anal cancer is said to be the next crisis for people infected with HIV. During the 1990s, anti-retroviral therapy was found to be a massive help for AIDS-infected patients since it was able to reduce the death rate amongst patients and even improve their survival rates. However, on the other side, such improvement also increases the chances of anal cancer on bisexual and gay who were tested HIV positive.

One out of two American men is said to be infected with HPV. HPV infection is the root of anal precancer and which will eventually lead to anal cancer if such ailment remained undetected and untreated. Fact is in 2017; there are 8200 new anal cases identified by the American Cancer Society. And it was assumed that if national screening is still not available, fifty percent of these cases will elevate to Stage 3 and Stage 4 over time. And in such cases, there is only 40 percent chance of surviving within five years. No treatment discovered or management routine was yet created for such disease. And up to this point, research is being conducted to address anal cancer in the best possible way.


How Our Study Brings Insight

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With the use of a mathematical model, we assume that life course of about 100000 HIV positive who has experience with same-sex intercourse and are 27 years old and older. And these individuals were tested to have this high-grade intraepithelial condition. We then compare the data according to four management styles namely:


  1. patients not provided with any treatment
  2. patients  who have early cancer and are monitored
  3. patients treated through surgery
  4. patients who undergone surgery also got HPV vaccination


These categorized patients were monitored to identify the advantages and disadvantage of the recognized management styles.  These individuals are tracked, included also are the individuals whose condition advanced to cancer. Death risk was estimated based on the findings. The patient’s age categorized results. And for each management style, age-specific lifetime results, life expectancy, and life quality were estimated.

Source: cdc.gov

It was then uncovered that people with HIV infection, with age 38 years old and older must be treated with the use of the surgical procedure. This can be done either by infrared coagulation or the electrocautery and at the time of surgery, HPV vaccination must be given to the patient. The idea is found to be less costly and has excellent chances of decreasing anal cancer lifetime risk up to 80 percent.

According to the model also, younger men have higher chances of overcoming the precancer stage even without any medical intervention. These patients are 29 years old and below. Patients aging between 29 to 38 years old should be monitored all the time to get away from the possible treatment inconvenience and mortality which can directly affect their quality of life.


How The HPV Vaccine Could Help

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At present, HPV vaccination is not advisable for people aging 27 years old and older. However, according to findings, people with HPV vaccine that are in their precancer stage have lesser chances of coming back for other rounds of treatment.

HPV vaccines are found to have lesser effects that are why medical professionals are considering the idea. And the most significant advantage of such is the smaller number of treatments for the patient. And post-treatment HPV vaccine can also help lessen the anal cancer lifetime risk.  


(Note: This disease is very serious. If you, a family member or close friend has the ailment, then, you might want to consider the information provided above. You might also benefit from therapy or counseling.)




I Make Myself Complete – My Psychologist’s Reminder

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I used to be very fat, as in I was truly overweight – overly obese even. From 53 kilograms when I was eighteen years old, I became 102 kilos at thirty-six. I used to reason out that in between those eighteen years of gaining weight, it was due to my five children. Each child, I had gained weight and I never really bothered about my looks after I got married. My psychologist said that it was because of my depression.

One of my part-time jobs back then was ramp modeling. Local fashion designer in our city would hire me (and other girls in our agency) to model their custom-made clothes. For a high school girl like me, it was an excellent way to earn during the weekends. For three years, it was a weekly thing, until I met my ex-husband who became my boyfriend at that time.

Let’s say I was in an abusive relationship. He didn’t hit me, like hit me, punch me or something like that regularly. For the whole eighteen years that we’ve been together, I experienced being slapped so hard ONCE that the white part in my eye (I don’t know what it’s called) became bloody red. The doctor said that the vessels in my eye burst and that’s why it looked bloody. It lasted for weeks before my eye came back to normal.

Along with that, my ear also suffered a bit. For ten days or so, it had this ringing sensation. It was so bad that I had difficulty hearing.

He also choked me, once. I was working on my computer at that time, and he was drunk, as usual. That was last year, October 8, to be exact. I will never forget what happened. We were already rocky, and I was telling him that I want a divorce. He didn’t like that and was trying to control me; he has been managing me for the last eighteen years – as my psychologist explained to me.

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So, I got a little side-tracked here, sorry. But that’s how it went with me, on his abuse. If you ask my psychologist, she would say that I have been physically abused, but what I received from him was emotional and mental suffering. That’s what I know and what I believe. She also said that this is half the reason why I let myself go. The other half was because I allowed him to do it to me. It’s time for me to take responsibility for my actions or inactions. I can’t keep blaming him and not take some of the blame myself.

As for the emotional and mental suffering, I allowed him to treat me like shit for almost two decades. He was verbally abusive even early on in the relationship, and I tolerated that. I shouldn’t have – I wasn’t strong enough before to fight for myself and tell him to his face that I am not his dog, his doormat or his pig.

With that, I turned to food for comfort. And so from 53 kilos, I almost doubled the weight. All those years, he abused me, and he cheated on me so many times that I lost count, I let myself go. I ate all those sugary snacks and salty foods. That’s what I chose to do instead of confronting him and stop him from treating me like I am a worthless nobody.

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But I know better now. I am in a much better place. While I may not be 53 kilos again, at least, I am losing weight little by little. I am exercising; actually, I am into martial arts – Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu. Not for competition, but for discipline, self-worth, and confidence. I also went to therapy and pursued a new hobby which is reading. My psychologist said that I let everything go about myself because I forgot to love myself first. I should have loved myself first; I should have been the priority.

It’s okay. I have learned from that mistake, and I am rearranging my life now. Of course, I left my husband of eighteen years, and I have started my new life. It is now a life without him, and it is shining brightly.

For me, I don’t need a man to tell me that my life is complete. If only I could persuade battered women to stand up and fight for their human rights, then, there shouldn’t be abusive relationships. All I can do is to start within me and tell those who will listen that “I am more important than him. I have to love myself first before anyone and anything. I deserve everything beautiful in life. I make myself complete.”

Health, Work, And Life Balance

You probably read a lot of articles and watch tons of videos on the internet about the proper way of balancing life and work. But are they exactly the fundamentals of living? Well, you don’t have to oppose the idea of work-life balance if you want. However, you might have to consider health and wellness for that matter.

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Life As You Know It

You probably wonder about the quality of life you are having right now. You can’t say that you perfectly managed to handle your time, family, friends, and job all at their expense because that’s way too impossible to do. Honestly, the whole idea of balancing things all together is doing more harm than good. The truth is, there’s no virtue of adjusting things in life without having to sacrifice a more significant part of it. And real talk, there’s no perfect management for everything. You may feel okay with the concept of life balance in general. That when it fits nicely to your ways, you become eager to repeat the routine over and over again. But it’s not always easy at it seems. Yes, work and life can both go along with each other. But there’s only one problem with that though. And that’s the assumption that work is separated from your life and doesn’t affect your overall health. The idea doesn’t make sense because these three things don’t exclusively function separately.

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Your work and health is the fundamental component of your life. Therefore, you can’t balance only a part of it without touching the other portion. It becomes a delusion that you think you can potentially segregate the things you have to do with the stuff you need and want to do. Sticking to this kind of mentality will only make you suffer throughout your life. Let’s state a scenario that will make you understand more. Perhaps you want to go out with friends and attend a party. Maybe drink a little per se. You know you “want it.” But you also have to be in the office early in the morning. You “need” to be there. You also know that even though you’ll be happy bonding with friends, you might end up drinking a lot. You know that’s going to be bad for your health. But let’s assume you did all three things together. You hung out with friends, drank a lot of alcohol, and went to the office early in the morning. Yes, it is an achievement. But how does it make you feel after? Is it that fulfilling? Of course, it’s not.

Every Decisions Matter

With that particular instance, the only thing you can do is choose between the options. Either you will attend the party and don’t go to work tomorrow, attend the gathering but not drink and party hard so you can wake up early, or you can stay at home and prepare yourself for your job the next day. The whole point of this is, you don’t often need to have the great stuff to be able to balance things in life. You don’t always get what you want too because there are sacrifices to make. And when you care a lot about things, you might have to sacrifices a lot as well. That’s pretty much depressing, isn’t that right? No one can handle proper decision-making. That’s especially when the things they want battles with the things they need and have to do. With that, it gets challenging to process physical, emotional and mental strength that helps in grinding through the rest of what life has to offer.

Source: flickr.com

When you insist on managing and balancing all aspects of life without considering consequences, you might end up spending a considerable portion being stressed out and depressed. Yes, you might potentially pull it off and handle everything in your preference, but it’s more like you’ll become resentful and unhappy with your decisions. At this point, you will eventually lose everything, and that’s a bad thing to happen. So instead of trying to get a hold of what you think you “can” always handle, try considering values that matter most. At least set your priorities, responsibilities, and goals so that you can work on it one at a time. You don’t have to rush it nor handle it all together to achieve it.

Realizing The Importance Of Prebiotic Inulin

Apart from online therapy being one of the growing forms of counseling that came about recently,  many contemporary chefs have created new food varieties that people love. The regular burgers now have vegan counterparts; the fries may already be changed from potatoes to sweet potatoes. Even the fried chicken, pizza, and salad that you used to get in every block have received a makeover as well.

Source: pexel.com

Although seeing different choices is excellent, it can also mean that you might eat foods that produce bad bacteria. Hence, the need for probiotics started rising. These are cultured microorganisms that you can obtain from pickled dishes or supplements. Once they hit your gut, they are supposed to fight the evil entities and help with your overall digestive flow.

Despite that, even the good bacteria ought to get sustenance to survive in your body. That is why it is vital to start taking prebiotics – carbohydrates that humans cannot generate – as soon as you consume probiotics. Among the well-known substances in this area is the prebiotic inulin.

What Is Prebiotic Inulin?

Inulin comes from the fructan group, which comprises fructose molecules bound together. It is an oligosaccharide, which refers to a chain of simple sugars connected.

What’s great about this prebiotic is that it’s in various foods you eat. After all, apart from nourishing the live active culture in the gut, it can also enhance a dish’s flavor. Inulin does not cause allergic reactions on its own either unless you consume it with an allergenic.

As a dietary fiber, food authorities suggest the amount that an adult can take every day. The numbers may differ, yet the safest bet according to the Nutrition Facts is 25 grams.

Where To Obtain Prebiotic Inulin?

The best thing about this dietary fiber is that plants naturally create it. For sure, some brands put the prebiotic in capsules, and you can conveniently purchase them in stores. But you may consume inulin from food sources as well.

The easiest ones to find (which you may have at home already) are garlic, onion, and leek. A bulb of each vegetable contains up to 16%, 6%, and 10% of the fiber, respectively. Cooking them won’t destroy the inulin; that’s why you may enjoy them with any dish.

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

A couple of herbaceous plant representatives have plenty of prebiotic too. They are the Jerusalem artichoke and chicory, whose individual root weights consist of 19% and 20% inulin. Between the two, though, the former is more widely cultivated.

And even with minimal concentration, fruits and grains can also be sources of this fiber. It merely happens that a banana, for instance, has no more than 0.7% of inulin. Barley and rye plants only double or triple that percentage.

How Does The Prebiotic Inulin Function?

Although such a dietary fiber is soluble in water, no enzyme within the body can digest it (as mentioned earlier). Once it enters the digestive system, a series of chemical reactions occur once settled in your large intestine.

The carbs linked together to form inulin, to be specific, lose their bonds. Instead of becoming simple sugars again, however, they turn into fragments of fatty acids. Your system can further metabolize these short-chained compounds into ketones.

The latest compounds allow fermentation to take place in the gut. The resulting microorganisms from that process can be the food for probiotics or improve the overall digestive health.

What Are The Other Advantages Of Taking Prebiotic Inulin?

Alas, the prebiotic inulin is not just a source of nourishment for the live active culture inside your gut. It can also assist in the following:

Weight Loss

Forget the dietary supplements – inulin may be the answer to your fitness problems.

In truth, existing studies claim that this prebiotic can decrease the sense of hunger that people experience. One investigation even went on to say that the fiber removes over seven percent body fats in less than five months.

Inulin is capable of doing that since it transforms into a substance similar to gel after reacting with water. This product stays in the intestine and takes longer to digest; thus, you may feel full at an extended period.

Source: pixabay.com

Calcium Absorption

Do you still have weak bones or calcium deficiency even though you consume goods with this mineral? It may be because your small intestine – the organ responsible for absorbing it – isn’t performing well.

To receive the proper amount of calcium regardless of that issue, you may lean towards taking inulin. Like we’ve said above, only the large intestine can metabolize this prebiotic; that’s why it’ll safely pass the other organs. Furthermore, a 2007 study showed that the absorption of the dietary fiber might take place in this section too.

IBD Pain Reduction

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) may still require extra research before experts can devise actual remedies for it. Nevertheless, the recent papers related to the matter stated that the patients responded positively to inulin supplements.

We can’t say at the time of writing that the prebiotic’s the cure, but it may relieve some symptoms.

Diabetes Risk Moderation

Inulin can do astounding things for folks with pre-diabetes and diabetes. There is a study published in 2015 which stated that the prebiotic might be able to stabilize blood sugar.

The reason is that this dietary fiber – despite being a water-soluble fructan – does not go immediately into the bloodstream. Instead, your body digests it little by little, so the sugar levels don’t spike up (a typical case with carbohydrates).

The longer you include it in the meals, therefore, the more it may prevent the disease from affecting you.

Source: airforcemedicine.af.mil

Heart Health Development

The prebiotic goes down the digestive tract without the metabolizing enzymes affecting it midway. What’s more noteworthy, however, is the fact that inulin’s able to attract free radicals, cholesterol, and fats on its path. Due to that, you may put your heart away from danger by eating fiber-enriched foods.

It’s safe to tell that this prebiotic has an opposite reaction to the toxins inside the body. When you increase the soluble fiber, you decrease the possibility of acquiring hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and various heart-related diseases.

As A Summary

Prebiotic inulin is a water-soluble carbohydrate that vegetables, grains, and fruits can naturally produce. Although the compound seems to be only helpful at nourishing probiotics, it’s obvious now that it’s capable of doing more. So, whether you want to get fit, have strong bones and heart, or prevent diabetes, you’ll need this dietary fiber.