Exercise to Expand Your Spirit


You are so much more than your physical body.


Your spirit expands to a vastness our limited minds can hardly perceive of.


If you are feeling restricted by your physical surroundings, including your body, if you are breaking through new ground in your life, if you are stretching yourself beyond your old limits and are apprehensive even though you know it’s for your benefit, try this:


For this exercise give yourself about half an hour, on your own, undisturbed.


Lie on the floor but keep your head and body aligned so you don’t fall asleep.


With conscious awareness, clear intention, give your sprit permission to expand out from your body into whatever shape, size, colour or vibration it would like to. You can simply set the intention without any parameters. Your spirit’s intelligence will take over.


You can know, and trust, that it will once again come back to comfortably house your physical body once again when you choose to come out of the exercise. Your spirit/soul is connected to you in a way that can never be broken.


The change you can experience on completion of this meditation exercise will be that your spirit has had ‘free run’ and the opportunity to connect with that part of your spirit that always resides outside of you in source.


In essence, the whole can stretch and re-adjust itself and then return to rest at home once again with a clearer vibration, a stronger connection to your higher self and rejuvenated energy to support the physical you – the human who is following the path of spiritual experience.